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Provider Portal

Add Assets - Use this link to add an asset to LTM's database. Once completed, a verification email will be sent back.

Cost Cap Guidelines - View the guidelines for the Cost Cap program. (Does not apply to Jetro, they have there own Cost Cap Prg)

FedEx Payments - Search for payment detail (FedEx providers only).

Invoice Status - Search for the status of an invoice(s).

Invoice Status Directions - View the guidelines on how to use the invoice status portal.

Pending Invoice Downloads - Search and download all pending invoices.

Pending Invoice Guidelines - View the guidelines when replying to the Monday pending invoice(s) email.

PM Guidelines - View all the standard PM guidelines.

Service Guidelines - View all the standard guidelines (some customers may vary).

Service Provider ID # - Request your companies SPID to search invoice status or download your pending invoice list.

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