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About LTM Services

The originator of LTM Services, Joe Esposito, saw the need for a business model that provided support to companies with MHE fleets. After being part of the OEM world for over 25 years, Joe realized that the largest majority of companies had no means by which to truly understand and control the many aspects of MHE fleet management. In 2005 he founded LTM Services. His vision was to provide clientele the ability to understanding and control their fleet costs. He saw this being accomplished via big data acquisition and review thereby providing the wherewithal to maximize utilization, minimize costs and implement the proper life cycle processes to eliminate the excessive costs that are inherent with equipment kept past their optimal prime operational existence.

Many years later, with the term big data being a well-known business criterion, LTM Services is managing thousands of assets that range from forklifts and sweeper scrubbers to heavy construction equipment, over the road trucks and trailers to aerial lifts and overhead cranes. We are providing our clients with current, actionable data that truly allows for knowledgeable, effective business decisions. Our ability to provide this level of immediate, accurate information allows our client base to maintain a comprehensive understanding of their fleet. No matter how many assets they are operating nor how many facilities, they operate nationally or worldwide, LTM allows them the competence of absolute cost and operational control. Proactive control equates to level of business competency imperative to stay agile and profitable

We pride ourselves on providing an exemplary level of customer service in conjunction with state-of-the-art data collection and report generation culminating in world class analytical expertise. 

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