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Pending Invoice Reply Process

Things to remember when replying to the pending invoice emails that are sent on Monday Mornings

  1. Replying with Resolutions:

    • In your reply email, list the invoice number and your resolution for each pending invoice.

    • Example:

      • ABC123457 – Please short pay the invoice by $12.00.

      • ABC457898 – Attached is the missing work order along with the invoice.

      • ABC874147 – Correct, the unit is a rental, so we will credit this invoice in full.

  2. Backup Documentation:

    • We don’t retain invoices once they’re in dispute.

    • Attach another copy of the invoice, work order, or backup documents (credit memos, re-bills, forms) to resolve the dispute.

    • Specific requirements:

      • Service & PM invoices: Include an invoice, work order, credit memo (if needed), and an add asset form (if needed).

      • Parts invoices: Include an invoice and proof of delivery, along with a credit memo if needed.

      • Rental invoices: Include an invoice, credit memo (if needed), and an add asset form (if needed).

  3. PDF File Organization:

    • Each invoice and associated documents should be in one PDF file.

    • Name each PDF file after the invoice number in dispute.

    • Keep separate files for each pending invoice.

  4. Scanning Guidelines:

    • Scan documents face up to ensure readability without rotation.

  5. Asset Listing Resolution:

    • If an invoice issue relates to an asset not listed in the customer’s asset listing, complete an add asset form (now available online).

    • Once you receive confirmation that the asset has been added, reply to the pending invoice.

  6. Short Pay Preferred:

    • Consider short paying invoices that need adjustments.

    • Avoid unnecessary crediting and re-billing, as it takes more time.

    • Note: Pending invoices unresolved within 90 days will be voided.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance!

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