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Pending Invoice Reply Process

Things to remember when sending your replies to the provider pending email address (


Please note that if you do not receive a reminder email on Monday, you should still come to this portal

and see if you have any pending invoices.

Please note that our pending invoice processing department is closed on Fridays.

Please only reply to invoices that are on the list you downloaded. All other inquiries will be

Please review the criteria below and reply to your pending invoices with your resolve.

Please do NOT resubmit these to


Please DO NOT included the downloaded spreadsheet in your replies. All replies must be addressed within

the body of the reply email (below). If you use the spreadsheet for you reply, it will be discarded.

1. Go to Select the "Provider Portal" link on the top of the website. Go down and select the "Pending Invoice Downloads" link. Enter the code (provided within the Monday reminder email) to access the link. If you cannot find the code to access this database, please email Enter your SPID and select "Search". At the top right of the page, there is a "Download Data" link. Select that link and your data should download into your local download folder.

2. In the body of your reply, please list the invoice # and your resolve for each invoice your resolving.
For example:
ABC123457 – Please short pay the invoice by $12.00
ABC457898 – Attached is the missing work order along with the invoice
ABC874147 – Correct, unit is a rental so we will credit this invoice in full.

3. We do not keep invoices once they are put into dispute, so we will need another copy of your invoice, work order or backup docs and any credit memos, re-bills or needed forms. If you do not attach these items, the dispute will remain pending and will show up in the online pending database.
      a. Service & Pm invoice should include an invoice, work order, credit memo if needed and an add
asset form if needed
      b. Parts invoice should include an invoice, proof of delivery and a credit memo if needed.
      c. Rental invoice should include an invoice, credit memo if needed and a add asset form if needed.


4. Please make sure each invoice and associated work order or backup docs and any credit memos, re-bills or needed forms are within one pdf file for each invoice and each pdf file’s name matches the invoice # that was in dispute. Each pending invoice will require a separate pdf file named the invoice # that was in dispute with the referenced invoice and work order or backup docs and any credit memos or needed forms.

5. Please make sure all scans are scanned face up (we must be able to read the entire file without rotating the scans).

6. If you are resolving an invoice that is due to the asset not being listed in the customers asset listing, you will need to complete an add asset form (now online). Once you get a confirmation that that asset has been added, then you can reply to that pending invoice.

7. Please note that we would prefer that you have us short pay any invoice you are agreeing needs to be adjusted. Crediting and re-billing an invoice because there is an amount that needs to be removed takes more time on both sides. So if your accounting systems allow for short pays, that would be preferred. Note: any pending invoice that is not resolved within 90 days will be voided on our end.

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