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PM Guidelines

Things to remember before scheduling a PM

Effective May 1, 2021, all invoices and work orders MUST now be printed. We will no
longer accept any hand writ
ten invoices or work orders.


1. Please check the days and hours on the report and only select the ones that have gone over the intervals.

2. First confirm that your service department has not completed a PM on any listed unit that will change the need for the listed PM.

3. If you have not completed a PM for the selected units, please contact the client and schedule the PM service as soon as is possible.

4 .When the PM invoice is received by our office, we will in turn remove the unit from the PM due schedule.

5, Note that oil and filter changes on internal combustion engine units should be done per the manufactures recommendation and not on every scheduled PM visit

6.  Note that the last PM dates and hour meter readings on the report are based on the last invoices received from the PM service on each unit. You should verify that you have not completed a PM on these units after the date on this report. If you have, please contact LTM Services before performing the next PM

No travel permitted on PM’s.
No misc, freight, css, sur‐charges permitted.
No parts permitted to be billed on PM’s.
PM Check sheet will need to be attached on PM Invoices.
Hydraulic services, should be approved by LTM prior to scheduling the service
PM pricing must include all supply costs (except oil and filter on IC oil changes)
Work found on a PM should be completed under a separate work order and invoice
Other scheduled services like 1000, 2000 hours, gearbox, transmission must be pre‐approved by LTM

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