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PM Guidelines

Things to remember before scheduling a PM

  1. Check Days and Hours: Review the report and select the units that have exceeded their intervals. This step helps prioritize which units need attention.

  2. Confirm Previous PMs: Before scheduling a PM, verify that your service department hasn’t already completed maintenance on any of the listed units. If they have, it might affect the need for the scheduled PM.

  3. Schedule PM Service: If you haven’t performed a PM for the selected units, reach out to the client promptly to schedule the service. Timely maintenance is essential for equipment longevity.

  4. Remove Units from PM Schedule: Once the PM invoice is received by your office, remove the corresponding unit from the PM due schedule. Keeping records up-to-date ensures accurate planning.

  5. Oil and Filter Changes: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil and filter changes on internal combustion engine units. Not every scheduled PM visit requires these changes.

  6. Verify Last PM Dates: The last PM dates and hour meter readings on the report are based on the most recent invoices from the PM service. Double-check that no PMs were performed after the report date. If there were, contact LTM Services before proceeding with the next PM.


Additional Notes:

  • Travel Restrictions: No travel is permitted during PMs.

  • Billing Restrictions: Avoid billing miscellaneous charges, freight, CSS, or surcharges on PMs.

  • PM Check Sheet: Attach the PM check sheet to PM invoices.

  • Hydraulic Services Approval: Get approval from LTM before scheduling hydraulic services.

  • PM Pricing: Include all supply costs in PM pricing (except oil and filter for IC oil changes).

  • Separate Work Orders: Any work found during a PM should be handled under a separate work order and invoice.

  • Scheduled Services: Services like 1000, 2000 hours, gearbox, and transmission must be pre-approved by LTM.


Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance!

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