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Online Invoice Status

Below are the steps on how to use LTM’s online database system to research the status of your invoices. This system is available 24/7 and is updated daily. The data within this database is held for 1 1/2 years. If you are looking for status of invoices that are older than that, you will have to contact us via email or phone.


Accessing the system:

  1. Please note that you will now be required to enter a code to gain access to the invoice status portal. If you do not know your code, please email

  2. Go to

  3. On the top of the page, click on the link that states “Provider Portal”

  4. Enter the invoice number or your SPID (if you have one) then click the box that states “Invoice Status”

  5. You can filter based on invoice status. So, if you would like to just see all pending invoices, enter your SPID and under the “Status of Invoice” section select “All Pending” or “Pending Provider”.

  6. If your invoice does not come up, try typing less of the invoice number and search again. If your invoice starts with letters followed by a “-“, we do not enter those letters normally so just enter the numbers following the “-“.

  7. If the invoice is less than 18 months old and is still not being found, your invoice was not received by LTM and will have to be resubmitted.


If the invoice is found, the following will be displayed:

  1. Invoice # - Your invoice number

  2. Invoice Date – Your invoice date

  3. Date Received – The date LTM received your invoice

  4. Date Processed – Based on the status field, this is either the date the invoice was approved or was last disputed

  5. Disputed Total – If the invoice is in dispute, this is what is being disputed unless the amount is $1.00. If it is $1.00 it means, it’s pending the customer and not you.

  6. Approved Total – This is what LTM has approved on this invoice for payment

  7. Status of Invoice – It is the current status of this invoice. If the status shows;

    1. Sent for payment on: 01/01/23 – this means the approved total was sent up on 1/1/23 for payment

    2. NOP - Sent for payment on: 01/01/23 – this means this invoice is for a location we do not manage but we do take it in and forward that invoice to the customer. 1/1/23 would have been the date we forwarded this invoice to the customer for payment.

    3. Invoice was credited – this indicated your invoice was credited in full.

    4. Pending – this could indicate two things.

      1. If the disputed amount equals $1.00, this is a rental invoice and is pending the customer’s verification of the unit.

      2. If the amount disputed is greater than $1.00, this is an invoice that is in dispute awaiting the provider’s resolve.

    5. Issues – if the invoice is pending, then this will tell you why.


Things to remember when submitting invoices to the LTM portal

  1. All invoices and backup documentation must be in a PDF grayscale or color format. (Any other format will be discarded)

  2. All backup documentation must be scanned right behind each invoice within the same file attachment. (The invoice and work order must be within the same attachment)

  3. Each scanned page must be a full page. We cannot accept reduced images.

  4. Invoices should be grouped by type; Service, PM’s, Rental, Parts, Etc. (Each group should be in a separate attachment)

  5. Email all invoices and backup to

  6. Please do cc any other LTM email address.

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